Besides the standard wedding rituals, Croatia has its own unique wedding traditions. Some are hundreds of years ancient croatian women dating while others are merely a few years old. These practices are not only limited to the country’s prominent summer properties on the hillside, but also the numerous beautiful houses along the Adriatic Sea.

Obiljezje can be a Croatian marriage tradition that dates back more than 100 years. It is a classic mark of engagement. Typically, it is a piece of fruit with cash pressed into it. It is also a good way to accumulate money to get the newlywed couple.

Rosemary is another Croatian wedding custom. It is twisted in bow, usually in red, white-colored, or blue, and given to guests as a gift. It might be considered an indicator of good chance in Croatia.

The best part of this Croatian wedding tradition is a reception. The party is fun and games are not restricted to the kitchen. Guests are asked to remain before the couple leaves the reception.

The most important position of the day is a banner holder. He or she includes the Croatian flag and leads the procession. This role is believed a must-do during a Croatian wedding.

The very best man is also required to hold a carrier of desserts. This is a smart way to get the groom to view his star of the wedding.

One of the most essential Croatian wedding traditions certainly is the barjaktar. The person carries the Croatian national flag and acts as a wedding ceremony booster.